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  Good morning,

  We start today with the safety fears raised after the crash of a Boeing jet, the details of President Trump’s proposed budget, and a pivotal Brexit vote today in Britain.

  At least 23 airlines have taken the Boeing 737 Max 8 out of service after the second crash involving the model in five months. The company stood by the plane’s safety but said that it planned software updates and was working on changes to flight controls and training guidelines. Here are the latest updates.

  The voice and data recorders have been recovered from the plane that crashed in Ethiopia on Sunday, but it could still take time to determine the cause of the crash that killed 157 people.

  Q. and A.: Southwest and American, the only U.S. airlines that use the 737 Max 8, said they would continue to fly the plane. Here’s what travelers should know.

  The details: The 737 Max is Boeing’s best-selling jet ever, with about 350 registered and thousands on order. The planes typically make more than 8,500 flights a week. These are the airlines that fly them.

  The president on Monday sent Congress a .75 trillion budget that includes a nearly 5 percent increase in military spending and an additional .6 billion for construction of a wall along the border with Mexico. The plan, the largest budget in federal history, also makes sharp cuts to domestic programs, including some that Mr. Trump has previously supported.

  The budget has little chance of passing in its current form, but it does offer a preview of the president’s re-election campaign priorities.

  Another angle: The waning stimulus from Mr. Trump’s 2017 tax cut and economic damage from his global trade war are undermining his oft-stated objective of increasing growth and reducing trade and budget deficits.

  Prime Minister Theresa May’s prospects of winning a critical vote today on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union were dealt a severe blow when the attorney general, Geoffrey Cox, said that last-minute changes in her plan didn’t fundamentally alter the legal status of the agreement.

  Mr. Cox’s opinion is likely to be crucial in swaying the votes of pro-Brexit lawmakers.

  What’s next: We’ll have live coverage of the vote, which is expected around 3 p.m. Eastern. If her plan is defeated, Mrs. May has promised lawmakers a vote on whether Britain should leave without a deal, something that could upend the country’s economy. If they reject that, they would then vote on whether Britain should request an extension of its negotiations with Brussels. Britain is scheduled to depart the bloc on March 29.

  Yesterday: A protest by customs officers in France delayed Eurostar trains and backed up trucks for miles, providing a taste of a post-Brexit world.

  The Central American country, population 5 million, wants to wean itself from fossil fuels by 2050, an aspiration that scientists say other countries would need to share in some form if the world is to avert the direst consequences of global warming.

  How to pay for Costa Rica’s ambitions remains a question mark. But if its decarbonization strategy succeeds, it could provide a road map for others, especially developing countries. If it doesn’t work in a small, politically stable country, it would have equally profound consequences.

  Quotable: “If we can’t pull it off by 2050, it’s likely no other country can pull it off,” said one economist and climate adviser to Costa Rica’s government. “That would be really bad.”

If you have 24 minutes, this is worth itAnd you thought your basement was overstuffed

  For decades, American museums have received gifts from donors inspired by philanthropic zeal, lucrative tax deductions and/or the prestige of seeing their works in esteemed settings. But there’s often no way to display more than a small fraction of the holdings, and the cost of climate-controlled storage is prohibitive.

  One of our arts reporters gauged the scope of the problem. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is ranking its works to decide what to sell or donate, and you can test yourself against the museum’s experts.

  Out of Venezuela: The U.S. is withdrawing its remaining diplomatic personnel from the embassy in Caracas because of worsening conditions in the country, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said today.

  Founder quits troubled charity: Juan Sanchez, the founder of Southwest Key Programs, resigned on Monday after family separations at the Mexican border brought intense scrutiny to the organization, the largest provider of shelters for migrant children. Southwest Key’s chief financial officer left last month after a Times article outlined allegations of mismanagement and possible malfeasance.

  New Trump-related inquiry: The New York attorney general’s office has issued subpoenas to two banks for records related to four Trump Organization projects and a failed effort to buy the Buffalo Bills football team.

  3,200 pounds of cocaine: An inspection of a container that arrived in Newark has uncovered one of the largest shipments of the drug ever seized in the New York City area.

  Snapshot: Above, in Iwaki, Japan, on Monday, the eighth anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that killed around 16,000 people. The disasters also caused a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

  Late-night comedy: President Trump said his reference last week to Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, as “Tim Apple” was a way to save time and words. “As we all know from his two-hour speeches, the president hates to waste time with words,” Jimmy Kimmel said.

  What we’re listening to: This playlist from NPR Music. Anna Holland, an editor based in London, says: “Every year, I look forward to the Austin 100 playlist, which highlights the best acts at the South by Southwest Music Festival. I always find something I love that I might never have heard otherwise.”

Now, a break from the news

  Cook: With spaghetti carbonara, the main goal is creaminess.

  Listen: The first Drake verse of 2019 heralds the coming of spring and, with it, the hope of new options on the horizon, writes Jon Caramanica. The rapper’s remix of Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love” combines the tender and the tough.

  Watch: In Hulu’s “Pen15,” Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine play lightly fictionalized versions of themselves in seventh grade, surrounded by actual 13-year-old actors.

  See: Tori Sampson’s new Off Broadway play “If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a _________” is a Critic’s Pick. It’s a contemporary fable about the black female body and its discontents.

  Smarter Living: Building a strong team requires treating co-workers with respect and accountability. If you say you’re going to do something, follow through — and expect the same of others.

  Also, we have tips from women and nonbinary D.J.s and performers on how to stay safe on the dance floor.

  Charles Boycott couldn’t buy food. He couldn’t find employees. He could hardly walk down the street in peace.

  Boycott, born on this day in 1832, wasn’t the first person shunned as a form of protest, but it’s his name that signifies the practice.

  In 1880, residents of County Mayo, Ireland, were facing potential famine after several failed harvests, and many could not pay their rent. Boycott, the land agent for a wealthy nobleman, was responsible for evicting those on his employer’s 40,000 acres.

  When he tried, the Irish National Land League suggested nonviolent protest. Boycott’s neighbors shunned him. Stores declined to serve him, his laborers quit and jeering mobs followed him.

  Boycott’s plight attracted international attention, including front-page articles in The New York Times.

  Boycott left Ireland, but his name remained, reportedly popularized by a priest who thought “ostracize” would confuse common people.

  Within months, The Times was using it to describe events elsewhere in the world.

  Fancy a trip to Vegas? In his latest dispatch, our 52 Places traveler has some tips.

  That’s it for this briefing. See you next time.

  — Chris

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  P.S.• We’re listening to “The Daily.” Today’s episode is the third part of our report about what to expect from the special counsel’s investigation.• Here’s today’s mini crossword puzzle, and a clue: Beethoven called him “the immortal god of harmony” (4 letters). You can find all our puzzles here. • The New York Times College Scholarship Program is financed by reader donations and an endowment fund. The 10 recipients for this year’s program will get up to ,000 in financial assistance for every year of college, as well as mentoring and internship opportunities with The New York Times Company.



  曾半仙提供香港六彩开奖结果“【哈】【哈】,【黑】【妞】,【你】【是】【自】【己】【也】【没】【有】【再】【往】【深】【处】【走】【过】【吧】!【所】【以】【你】【是】【第】【一】【不】【敢】【走】【了】,【毕】【竟】【往】【后】【那】【些】【尸】【僵】【的】【实】【力】【你】【不】【知】【道】【如】【何】,【毕】【竟】【现】【在】【对】【付】【这】【些】【尸】【僵】【你】【已】【经】【有】【些】【吃】【力】【了】,【再】【者】【也】【是】【最】【主】【要】【的】【一】【点】,【那】【就】【是】【你】【也】【不】【知】【道】【路】【了】。” 【青】【锦】【调】【侃】【的】【说】【到】,【她】【实】【在】【是】【太】【了】【解】【黑】【妞】【了】,【都】【说】【猫】【咪】【的】【胡】【子】【是】【用】【量】【衡】【量】【的】【工】【具】,【保】【证】【他】【出】【入】【洞】【口】

  【只】【是】【山】【水】【神】【域】【外】【的】【人】,【永】【远】【也】【不】【会】【想】【到】【现】【在】【创】【世】【神】【杖】【有】【多】【惨】,【纪】【云】【的】【地】【盘】【是】【那】【么】【好】【闯】【的】【吗】?【不】【说】【三】【个】【六】【翅】【天】【蚕】【神】【像】【分】【身】,【就】【凭】【山】【水】【神】【域】【也】【不】【是】【创】【世】【神】【杖】【能】【乱】【来】【的】【地】【方】。 【毕】【竟】【如】【果】【纪】【云】【控】【制】【着】【山】【水】【神】【域】【自】【爆】【了】【的】【话】,【创】【世】【神】【杖】【怕】【也】【要】【被】【送】【入】【无】【尽】【虚】【空】【的】。 【漂】【浮】【在】【半】【空】,【看】【着】【纪】【云】【创】【世】【神】【杖】【不】【禁】【难】【受】【道】:“【为】【什】【么】【要】

  【随】【着】【里】【克】【宣】【布】【对】【布】【诺】【尼】【亚】【进】【行】【了】【全】【面】【制】【裁】【以】【后】,【作】【为】【目】【前】【十】【大】【自】【由】【城】【邦】【最】【顶】【尖】【之】【一】【的】【国】【家】,【瓦】【兰】【提】【斯】【直】【接】【做】【出】【了】【强】【国】【应】【有】【的】【态】【度】。 【宣】【战】! 【但】【同】【样】【作】【为】【十】【大】【自】【由】【城】【邦】【中】【最】【其】【他】【城】【邦】【厌】【恶】【的】【国】【家】,【瓦】【兰】【提】【斯】【根】【本】【没】【有】【机】【会】【踏】【足】【瓦】【雷】【斯】【自】【由】【城】【邦】【的】【土】【地】,【更】【别】【说】【长】【途】【行】【军】【本】【就】【是】【大】【忌】。 【而】【面】【对】【这】【种】【情】【况】,【里】【克】【考】【虑】

  【第】【七】【号】【祭】【坛】【的】【旁】【边】,【利】【筠】【等】【人】【悠】【闲】【自】【在】【的】【默】【默】【看】【着】【这】【道】【轰】【鸣】【璀】【璨】【的】【绿】【色】【光】【芒】。 “【真】【是】【活】【见】【鬼】【了】。”【宁】【从】【心】【嘟】【嚷】【了】【一】【声】,【满】【脸】【迷】【茫】【的】【看】【着】【四】【周】【没】【有】【一】【丝】【黑】【气】【笼】【罩】【的】【区】【域】,【心】【中】【升】【起】【了】【古】【怪】【之】【情】。 【从】【他】【们】【一】【路】【进】【军】【到】【这】【块】【区】【域】【为】【止】,【沿】【途】【之】【上】【的】【黑】【气】【全】【部】【都】【如】【同】【被】【阳】【光】【所】【照】【射】【到】【的】【冰】【雪】【一】【般】,【在】【快】【速】【的】【消】【融】【殆】【尽】。

  …… “【谁】【让】【你】【瞎】【给】【她】【们】【安】【排】【任】【务】【的】?” 【早】【餐】【没】【人】【做】,【要】【自】【己】【动】【手】,【然】【后】【吃】【完】【还】【要】【自】【己】【动】【手】【收】【拾】,【再】【然】【后】【就】【没】【人】【陪】【着】【玩】【了】,【启】【很】【不】【舒】【服】。 【对】【于】【启】【的】【牢】【骚】,【艾】【泽】【拉】【懒】【得】【搭】【理】,【竟】【自】【翘】【着】【大】【长】【腿】【背】【靠】【椅】【子】【悠】【悠】【然】【抽】【烟】。 “【我】【之】【所】【以】【给】【她】【们】【挑】【选】【这】【两】【个】【技】【能】,【是】【给】【她】【们】【做】【敲】【门】【砖】【的】,【不】【是】【工】【具】,【你】【啊】【你】!”【说】【着】曾半仙提供香港六彩开奖结果【就】【算】【是】【傅】【米】【杰】,【也】【没】【办】【法】【到】【达】【傅】【家】【大】【楼】【最】【顶】【层】【的】【那】【十】【层】【楼】。 “【印】【象】【中】【只】【有】【我】【父】【亲】,【大】【哥】,【和】【几】【位】【董】【事】【会】【的】【元】【老】【有】【资】【格】【进】【入】【那】【里】。”【傅】【米】【杰】【说】【道】。 【那】【十】【层】【楼】【装】【满】【毁】【灭】【性】【自】【动】【武】【器】,【就】【算】【血】【亲】【如】【傅】【米】【杰】,【一】【旦】【企】【图】【暴】【力】【进】【入】,【也】【会】【顷】【刻】【间】【被】【人】【间】【蒸】【发】。 “【连】【自】【己】【儿】【子】【都】【防】,【里】【面】【到】【底】【守】【着】【什】【么】【秘】【密】。”【洛】【小】【明】【心】

  【一】【天】【之】【后】,【端】【木】【双】【雄】【做】【好】【了】【准】【备】,【服】【用】【了】【破】【神】【丹】。 【百】【里】【野】【比】【端】【木】【双】【雄】【还】【要】【紧】【张】,【他】【们】【能】【不】【能】【成】【功】【突】【破】【成】【为】【分】【神】【境】【强】【者】,【关】【系】【重】【大】。 【时】【间】【一】【分】【一】【秒】【过】【去】,【百】【里】【野】【就】【站】【在】【门】【外】,【一】【直】【没】【有】【休】【息】。 【一】【天】【过】【去】【了】,【两】【天】【过】【去】【了】,【端】【木】【双】【雄】【还】【没】【有】【出】【关】。 【到】【了】【第】【三】【天】,【端】【木】【英】【雄】【先】【出】【关】【了】,【他】【的】【气】【势】【变】【得】【很】【强】【大】。

  【噩】【耗】【如】【同】【意】【料】【的】【一】【样】【传】【来】,【在】【晚】【餐】【后】【收】【拾】【之】【时】,【突】【然】【有】【一】【名】【女】【子】【觉】【与】【她】【关】【系】【较】【好】【的】【另】【一】【名】【女】【子】【不】【见】,【呼】【喊】【中】,【众】【人】【帮】【忙】【查】【找】,【在】【一】【辆】【马】【车】【背】【面】【的】【阴】【影】 【咽】【喉】【处】【的】【致】【命】【伤】,【伤】【口】【一】【如】【既】【往】【的】【纤】【小】,【在】【那】【女】【子】【死】【不】【瞑】【目】【的】【脸】【上】,【凝】【固】【着】【一】【片】【惊】【恐】【之】【色】。 “【正】【面】【遇】【袭】,【她】【应】【该】【是】【看】【到】【了】【出】【手】【之】【人】,【所】【以】【才】【是】【这】【副】【模】【样】。”


  【听】【说】【远】【在】【河】【岸】【工】【厂】【的】【重】【润】【露】,【找】【了】【个】【老】【实】【男】【人】,【今】【年】【要】【嫁】【人】【了】。 【那】【老】【实】【男】【人】【是】【河】【岸】【工】【厂】【的】【一】【个】【队】【长】,【条】【件】【还】【算】【不】【错】,【也】【愿】【意】【养】【着】【重】【润】【露】,【让】【她】【在】【河】【岸】【幼】【稚】【园】【教】【书】,【每】【年】【提】【供】【她】【强】【化】【剂】,【所】【以】【配】【重】【润】【露】【算】【得】【上】【是】【绰】【绰】【有】【余】。 【她】【结】【婚】【那】【天】,【杨】【曦】【代】【表】【大】【家】【去】【参】【加】【婚】【礼】【了】,【私】【下】【里】【送】【了】【虞】【朝】【暮】【和】【大】【家】【的】【礼】【物】【给】【重】【润】【露】,